• 雷迪克谈约瑟夫卡罗尔深夜外出:球员睡不着

    'Yeah, look, they're coming round now,' said George.

  • 韩媒赞武磊:表现不逊外援,韩国队需重视

    'Hand, Mr Thomas! As I was saying - you have been introduced to spells that have been complex, inappropriate to your age group and potentially lethal. You have been frightened into believing that you are likely to meet Dark attacks every other day - '

  • 韩德君辟谣转会:优先与辽篮谈

    'You know what.?' Harry said to Ron and Hermione as they entered the Great Hall. 'I think we'd better check with Puddlemere United whether Oliver Wood's been killed during a training session, because Angelina seems to be channelling his spirit.'

  • 韦德季后赛得分升至联盟第11位

    'I don't care, it could be dangerous!'

  • 马拉多纳:外界误解了我对梅西的评价

    After several more minutes had passed, however, Harry was not the only one watching Hermione. The chapter they had been instructed to read was so tedious that more and more people were choosing to watch Hermione's mute attempt to catch Professor Umbridge's eye rather than struggle on with 'Basics for Beginners'.

  • 韦德笑谈自己的三分手感:我现在是科沃尔

    She was quite right; Harry found the Vanishing Spells horribly difficult. By the end of a double period, neither he nor Ron had managed to vanish the snails on which they were practising, though Ron said hopefully he thought his looked a bit paler. Hermione, on the other hand, successfully vanished her snail on the third attempt, earning her a ten-point bonus for Gryffindor from Professor McGonagall. She was the only person not given homework; everybody else was told to practise the spell overnight, ready for a fresh attempt on their snails the following afternoon.

  • 高清:鲁恺黄雅琼挺进澳羽公开赛决赛

    'Well, I'm glad you listen to Hermione Granger at any rate,' she said, pointing him out of her office.