• 克莱:要限制罗伯森和伊巴卡发挥

    This is it,' Harry said again, and his heart was now pumping so hard and fast he felt it must interfere with his speech, 'it's through here - '

  • 伯恩茅斯与迪斯汀等六人解约

    The door of the telephone box burst open; Harry toppled out of it, closely followed by Neville and Luna. The only sound in the Atrium was the steady rush of water from the golden fountain, where jets from the wands of the witch and wizard, the point of the centaur's arrow, the tip of the goblin's hat and the house-elf's ears continued to gush into the surrounding pool.

  • 伊巴卡:我们上一场比赛打得太软,太弱了

    Ron did it, his arm bent bizarrely to reach the dial; as it whirred back into place the cool female voice sounded inside the box.

  • 传罗马阿森纳将争夺黄潜后卫穆萨基奥

    Harry knew at once, from the look on the face of the grey centaur holding Hermione, that she had made a terrible mistake in saying this. The grey centaur threw back his head, his back legs stamping furiously, and bellowed, 'You see, Ronan? They already have the arrogance of their kind! So we were to do your dirty work, were we, human girl? We were to act as your servants, drive away your enemies like obedient hounds?'

  • 中国男篮领队:里约重在练兵

    If they were too late . . .

  • 不惧强敌!对阵同组5对手,高家军均有胜绩

    Drifting along in the sparkling current inside was a tiny, jewel-bright egg. As it rose in the jar, it cracked open and a hummingbird emerged, which was carried to the very top of the jar, but as it fell on the draught its feathers became bedraggled and damp again, and by the time it had been borne back to the bottom of the jar it had been enclosed once more in its egg.

  • 克利夫兰布朗新赛季将主打地面进攻

    Beyond the Veil