• 库嫂餐馆开业,德雷克现身捧场

    He stood up. His hand was stinging painfully. When he looked down at it he saw that the cut had healed, but that the skin there was red raw.

  • 德雷克P乔治哭泣图:知道你怕了

    'Every evening since Tuesday . . . just on my own, though. I've been trying to bewitch Quaffles to fly at me, but it hasn't been easy and I don't know how much use it'll be.' Ron looked nervous and anxious. 'Fred and George are going to laugh themselves stupid when I turn up for the tryouts. They haven't stopped taking the mickey out of me since I got made a prefect.'

  • 廉明输球后泪奔:输得太委屈

    'Hi,' said Harry automatically.

  • 官方:山东鲁能宣布马加特为新任主帅

    They collected balls from the cupboard in the changing room and set to work, Ron guarding the three tall goalposts, Harry playing Chaser and trying to get the Quaffle past Ron. Harry thought Ron was pretty good; he blocked three-quarters of the goals Harry attempted to put past him and played better the longer they practised. After a couple of hours they returned to the castle for lunch - during which Hermione made it quite clear she thought they were irresponsible - then returned to the Quidditch pitch for the real training session. All their teammates but Angelina were already in the changing room when they entered.

  • 张琳芃:不适应三后卫,利用集训解决问题

    'Well, I think I've made my point, Mr Potter. You may go.'

  • 张稀哲点射建功于大宝破门,国安2-0亚泰

    'I wish I was going to be there,' said Harry bitterly, as they set off together towards the common room.

  • 德国队瑞士训练营驻地揭秘:风景如画

    'Well, sit down,' she said, pointing towards a small table draped in lace beside which she had drawn up a straight-backed chair. A piece of blank parchment lay on the table, apparently waiting for him.